Stock Master PALLET

Introducing the Stock Master Pallet, a groundbreaking solution revolutionizing warehouse logistics. Designed for seamless integration into “Person to Goods” picking scenarios, this pallet-sized smart shelving system empowers operators with unparalleled efficiency. Imagine a warehouse where movement is effortless, decisions are informed in real-time, and productivity soars. That’s the promise of the Stock Master Pallet – the future of agile warehouse management.

Revolutionize Warehouse Logistics

with Stock Master Pallet - Perfect for Person-to-Good Picking!

Achieve Unmatched Efficiency

with Stock Master Pallet: Flexible, Mobile, and Highly Accurate

Easily Move Your Stock Master Pallet

with a Manual Pump Truck for Seamless Operations!

Adapt to Changing Needs

with Stock Master Pallet’s Mergable and Unmergable Positions!

Easy to Use
Real-time Connection

Easy to Use

Navigating through warehouse aisles has never been simpler. With the Stock Master Pallet, operators wield the power of intuitive design. By effortlessly maneuvering the pallet using a basic pump truck, they can access goods swiftly and efficiently. Its ergonomic layout and user-friendly interface ensure that even complex picking tasks become straightforward. Say goodbye to cumbersome processes and hello to streamlined operations.

Real-time Connection

In the fast-paced world of logistics, timing is everything. The Stock Master Pallet keeps pace with the demand for immediacy by establishing a seamless real-time connection to the Warehouse Management System (WMS). This means that operators are constantly in sync with picking orders, route plans, and inventory status. With instant access to critical information at their fingertips, they can adapt to evolving demands with agility and precision.


Flexibility is the hallmark of the Stock Master Pallet. Its modular design allows for dynamic reconfiguration, catering to diverse storage needs and order volumes. Divided into six configurable areas reminiscent of cells in a spreadsheet, it offers endless possibilities for organizing goods efficiently. Whether consolidating multiple orders or accommodating varying product dimensions, this adaptable solution ensures optimal space utilization and operational agility.