Stock Master MODULAR

The modular version of the Stock Master is a highly configurable weighing solution, designed to suit a variety of container sizes in any layout. The modular solution is designed to verify picking accuracy for kitting applications but also to provide real-time stock holding information for manufacturing operations. Each Stock Master rack can accommodate a wide variety of container sizes and types, and the layout of the rack can be reconfigured to suit changing operational needs with very little technical expertise and system downtime.

Real-Time Inventory Management

with Stock Master Modular - Adaptable and Automated!

Maximize Flexibility and Efficiency

with Stock Master Modular: Automatic Replenishment for Minimal Stock!

Highly Configurable Stock Master Modular

Suitable for a Variety of Container Sizes and Layouts!

Ensure Continuous Operations

with Stock Master Modular's Easy Reconfiguration and Minimal Downtime!

2 standard width sizes
Standard height 1950mm
Endles possible combinations


2 standard width sizes (600mm and 1200 mm).

Custom sizes possible on request


Standard height 1950mm. Custom height possible on request


Endles possible combination of box and totes of different sizes. Easy to change the raster of the totes and boxes, and the spacing betven the shelves


The Stock Master LAN connected measuring units, and software are proprietary and have been developed with over 30 years of experience in bespoke weighing and industrial automation applications. The system can handle thousands of box or tote positions in real time