Stock Master MOBILE

The mobile version of the Stock Master wheel along weighing solution with fixed geometry, designed to suit a customer order carton or tote size. The mobile solution is designed to verify pick and order accuracy at the pick face in an e-commerce or retail warehouse environment. Each order location on the mobile picking trolley is individually weighed, which will verify if the picker has picked the correct item and has placed it into the correct order container. The rack is battery powered and incorporates a user interface screen and WIFI communication to the customers host WMS.

Boost Efficiency

with Stock Master Mobile - Designed for Person-to-Good Picking!

Ensure Order Accuracy

with Stock Master Mobile: Navigate the Optimum Route for Every Pick!

Work on Up to 9 Orders Simultaneously

with Stock Master Mobile’s Versatile Design!

Stay Connected

with Stock Master Mobile's Battery-Powered, WiFi-Enabled System!

Real-time connection
Simultaneous orders


Real-time connection with WMS and ERP system


Up to 9 pickup orders simultaneously


Mobile for easier access to goods in the warehouse